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About Maria...

Hello! My name is Maria, I live in Belarus. I am a teacher of foreign languages. I'm more than happy to receive a postcard!
My favorite kind of cards are:
• sea, ocean, shores, beaches...
• transport
• Just no ordinary cards showing the person's mood
• France
• Vintage
• Recipe-cards
• Bright colors or funny cards :)
• London (I am very interested to know the history of England, all of its attractions and all about education)
Actually, you can send any postcard you like or think I should have it.
I am very interested in a little text about yourself .
Please write me about yourself.
1. your favorite quote
2. your favorite - book, film, song
3. about the things that make you smile :)
4. if you can tell my about your dream and how you try honour it?
5. in your netive language word - dream.
I don´t like to take a empty card with only my name and adress on it. This is like a soup without salt.
I prefer my cards written with date and stamped, not in envelope. With nice stamps, if possibly. THANKS!
I would love to receive from you a surprise)
it is so pleasantly -to receive something from another country unknown for you))))

PLEASE!!! If possible, please send the card in an envelope (written), because at the moment I get many cards that are damage or dirty :(
send cards size 10 x 15!!!

Open direct swaps
Here is my address

Maria Nalehovich
Grodno region
Str. Timiryazeva 57, app.14

And can you please upload postcards for me. I don't have scanner! thanks a lot!

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