MPlattel, Netherlands

  • Not interested in direct swaps
  • Nederlands, english, deutsch et un trés petit peu francais!
  • Female
  • 15th August

About Maria...

I'm a big fan of postcrossing I love to send cards to other users and make them happy!!!
I live in The Netherlands and am a happy married mother of two studying kids. I am very interested in people and our world. Therefore I prefer to receive postcards (not free or home-made cards) from your town, city or country. If its not to much trouble, I will be very pleased if you write a short story how you live your life, what your ideas are about our world.
I prefer postcards with photos, landscapes from your town, city or country views (full colours cards and night views are welcome:) I also like creative and funny cards, every card you like to receive yourself is welcome!
Nice stamps are welcome as well.
I always register the cards in the same day it arrives. Saying "thank you" when registering a postcard is a matter of good manners.
P.S. ***************************************************************
If your card is not registered long time .... write me about it!!!

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