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Hello! Hallo!

My name is Hilda, i am 29 years old and I live in the Netherlands, with my fiance and our son. He is born early 2017.

I am a huge postcard addict, i do a lot of swap and snailmail. It makes me happy, every day again! Thats why i did started a online postcard store in november 2012, with now days over 2800 different postcards and also a lot of washi tapes (worldwide shipping).

I love washi tape and stamps too.

♥ First: you make me very happy with Illustrated postcards: ♥

♥ Inge Löök
♥ Jetoy
♥ Bentoy
♥ Thomas Kinkade
♥ Krtek
♥ Kotovasiya
♥ Victoria Kirdy
♥ Smugasta (Ukraine)
♥ Emily the strange
♥ Linda Peltola (Finland)

Etc. etc...
There are so many talented illustrators in the world, can't wait to enjoy their illustrations!

You also make me happy with:

♥ Modern! Movie & TV Series Postcards like LOTR, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries. No actors/actresses please :)
♥ Black & White cards: Children

So, enough possibilities I believe :)
Attention! My favourites postcard wall are postcards that I received, and what I really like, it is no wishlist!

You can find my collection on my Picasa:

I prefer to not receive, if possible:

- no multiple view/tourist cards
- no handmade cards
- no cards in envelope
- no double cards

Thank you! :)

Maybe you want to write the date on the postcard?
You can write me anything you want :) I really enjoy to read about: your life, your city/country, your favorite movie or TV series or what you want to tell me!

Happy Postcrossing!

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