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About Linda...

Hi there,
Nice to meet you here on post crossing! My name is Linda and I am 29 years old. I am married to Laurens and my hobbies are traveling, taking photo's, solving puzzles, studying Spanish, etc.

I would like it very much if you can send me a postcard with a picture of:
- The map of your country, state (when you live in the USA) or city (I love these cards very, very, very much)
- Royalty/famous/normal people of your country
- Views of the country/state/city where you live with the name of country/state/city on it (tourist card)
- Pictures of famous buildings, monuments or places in your country
- Pictures of animals that are specific for your town/country
It would be really great if you put a special stamp on the postcard.

I am very interested in how people in other countries live, so I hope you will be so kind to tell me something about yourself and your life on the postcard.

I also like it if you write a few words in your own language, with the translation of course :-).

Can you also write the date on the postcard of the day that you sent it? So I know how long it took for it to arrive. Thank's already!

Kind regards,

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