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About Liisa...


My name is Liisa. I'm married and have two adult kids, age 24 and 20. Our first-born has already moved out to Oulu to study biology. Our youngest child is doing compulsory military service at the moment, so every card concerning military is one of my top priorities on my wishlist.

When I was younger my hobbies were playing field hockey (goalkeeper), scouting and collecting stamps from all over the world, so I still enjoy receiving nice stamps.
WANTED stamp themes are:
EUROPA(CEPT)-stamps (2018 Europa "Bridges" and older ones too), Olympics, Football (soccer), Lunar New Year and Christmas.

CARD CHALLENGE for 2018 is to send me a card with a BRIDGE. It would also be nice if you can use the new EUROPA 2018 "Bridges" stamp. Thank you.

Cards which I enjoy most are:

- Maximum-cards (philately) maxi doesn't mean big size!
- hunting related cards
- military related cards
- erotic art or photography cards - prefer MALE :)
- vintage advertisements
- black and white photo cards
- any art, statue, icon of St. Francis of Assisi (this is my latest enthusiasm)
- Beluga Whale
- all animals and everything to do with nature
- UNESCO world heritage sites
- statues, war memorials, monuments etc.
- art cards (specially naïve art) made by artists of your country
- Russian artist Makoveeva Irina, if you have any of her paintings of nature and animals, please send it to me ♥
- Charley Harper's illustrations ♥
- children's book illustrations
- cartoon
- movies
- wine and cider
- Citroën cars >>
- windmills, especially the modern wind generators/turbines
- World Cup Football and Olympic Games and all Mascots of sport events/clubs
- Postallove's Greetings from... cards

I prefer my card dated, written and stamped, without an envelope, please.
And please, DON´T use any decorative stickers or washi tapes on my cards!

Birthday cards are welcome around October. All other festival cards are welcome , too (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Hanukkah and so on)

Please, send me real postcards (not hand made or photo cards). Thank you :)

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