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About Han...

Hellow, My name is Hyojin and My Nickname is Hanyo.
I live in South Korea.
I am interested in about drawings, but i'm a starter. i'm trying to practice
Do you like Fantasy? I love it. I really like Dragon, Knight, Magician, another world.
I can't speak English well.

These days I collect Maxi card
expecially New year of animals Maxi card and stamps,
Could you help me?? if you can.
IF you want to swap with me, i can. I have Korea's new year of rat maxi cards I made and other maxi card of Korea.
I like seeing sky and sea. when i see them, I felt cool and stress decreased. these days I also like taking pictures. in spring i took many flowers. like cherry blossoms, Lilac, and many flowers around.

also I collect other Stamps, too. Stickers.. etc.
I want to talk anything for example hobby, Interesting, and daily life on a card

If you don't know whay you write on the card, please watch these lists
- Memorable things you've been through.
- What is your favorite book?
- What is your favorite flowers?
- What is your Favorite Charactor?
- What are you interested in theses days?

My wish
🌹 Maxi card (expecially new year of animals, space, animals, birds)
🌹Cute Cards
🌹illustration Cards
🌹Traditional costumes
🌹 GF
already having : South Korea, Germany, Belarus, Malaysia, Netherlands, Vietnam, Switzerland, Portugal, USA)
already having : South Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal)
🌹 WT
already having : South Korea, SIngapore, Taiwan, Pig)
🌹 iCON
already having : South Korea
🌹 Happy post crossing
🌹 Animals (rabbit, cat, dog, pengein,,squirrel, ratsupander etc)
🌹 Disney
🌹 Harry Potter
🌹 Meet up card
🌹 Holiday or Birthday card
but I like all card, so don' worry If you don't have that wishes.
Thank you for reading My long profile!

If you want swap with me contact
INSTAGRM ID:@hanyo_swap

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