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About Roland...

Hello, nice to meet you!

This is such a wonderful way to show friendship to each other and, at the same time, learn so many new things about other people and countries.... and - I'm so curious. ;)

My name is Roland and born in the wonderful town Dresden.
We live in the Prignitz, 100 km west of Berlin, on the rivers Elbe and Havel.
I love traveling, nature, humor, books, people, sports (active marathon, swimming, cycling, canoeing).

My motto is: "You have to dance life" (Nietzsche) and "if you stumble make it part of the dance."

I collect

- chroniccards
- landscape
- old cards
- funcards

Please sent me no animals, no flowers , no selfmade, no ad cards or commercial cards. Please only real postcards!!!

I register a postcard the same day I receive it and I mail a postcard the day I request the address.
I always check your profile and try to choose appropriately before I write the card.

I am interested in DIRECT SWAP. Just send me a privat message and I'll be in touch

"The life of every man ends in the same manner.There are one and only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish them from each other".

Ernest Hemingway


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