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Welcome to my special event: On February 4,2022, Beijing will host the Winter Olympic Games. On the day of the opening ceremony, I will send 20 postcards of the Winter Olympics ice and snow sports to my friends who love the Winter Olympics. There’s only 20 spots, one for each of you. The postcards will be affixed with stamps of the Winter Olympics emblem.If you wish to receive such a postcard, please send me your address, and I will send it on time. I have nearly 100 pen pals. So even if you are an old friend and I have your address, please let me know if you need it. This is a one-way event and does not require a return post. (Finland: 2; United States: 1;) Hello! my friend. I have three requests: 1. As I don"t understand English, Please, write in a standard font. For me, a cool cursive script is like a blank sheet of paper in a way.2. Please dont put the postcard in the envelope. 3. Try to use a single-theme postcard with nice stamps and stickers. Thank you very much! Hello, my name is Fu Ping. I‘m a retired worker and I live in Beijing. I share a piece of classical music with my family every day, most of it by Mozart. My own words: Listen to Mozarts music often, and life will bring you joy. As for the Postcard I received, I think it is a gift from you on behalf of your country, so I will cherish it. I hope to collect postcards from all over the world. I will try my best to use beautiful stamps. One of my current themes is ukiyoe postcards from Japan. Please take care of me. 私は浮世絵が大好きです。以下は私が既にコレクションしている浮世絵の葉書です。 葛飾北斎の作品大きな波;富嶽三十六景「凱風快晴」、相州梅沢荘、石班沢甲州,諸国 滝《たき》 下野黒髪山... ... 、風流無、桜に鷹、隅田川の両岸一望4、山下白雨、駿州江尻、井里出现了鬼女、牡丹に胡蝶、美濃/国養老の滝 、鵙 翠雀 虎耳草 蛇莓; 月崗芳年の作品末広53、桑名; 歌川広重:江戸日本橋、明所江戸百景の「大橋驟雨」、赤坂桐煙雨中夕、京橋と竹橋、大伝馬町こ く店、日本橋通一丁目略図; 栄松斎長喜《えいしようさいちようき》の作「秋色女《あきいろめ》」; 鳥高斎栄昌の作品花鳥画屋林山; 鳥居清長:の小野小町;雪の宮詣り男女; 歌川豊国の作品:江戸明所百人美女、浅草寺、五変化所作事の内(助六); 喜多川歌麿《きたがわうたまろ》の作、魅力的な子供の相撲《すもう》、六人の名取りの美女、花屋... ... 、虫籠《むしかご》、団扇《うちわ》を持った美人、若い女の吹奏楽(婦人相十品、相観)、両国橋で涼む美人、鞠 と扇を 持の娘、深川の雪、台所の美人、富本豊 な、難波屋おきた; 歌川国貞:江戸川区木暮寺雪景、東洋相撲オールスター選手(6人像)、三人美人、累の亡魂、小柳と追手風の取組; 歌川国芳の作品、高砂蛸、猫 の涼 ;東海道の53 北前船の名船頭 徳蔵、 艶曲揃(団扇絵判錦絵); 東洲斎写楽の作品: 男子像(特徴は両手の十本の指をすべて開くこと),歌舞伎役者(二人),大判錦絵(雲母)、嵐龍藏; 鈴木春信:風流六歌仙(僧正遍照)、三十六歌仙 紀友則; 懐月堂安度: 立美人図(シングル); 歌川芳虎: 新吉原町の夜桜の図。 豊原国周:東京の花; 玉川舟調:首洗いの美人; 安藤広重:富士三十六景——武蔵 多摩門、東海道五十三次の 箱根、六十余州名所図会/浅草寺; 歌川豊国(三代):西の方幕内力士土俵入之図; 一筆斎文調作品:柳屋お藤;伊藤若冲:(孔雀鳳凰図 右図); 砾川亭栄里: 越前屋唐土(郭中美人競);河鍋暁斎:吉原遊宴図;ちなみに切手の浮世絵もとてもきれいです。 (改定日: 2021年1月27日) .資料にない浮世絵はがきは全て私がコレクションしたいものです。ありがとう。 Thank you very much! If you would like to exchange them, please contact me. My mailing address is: FuPing Room5,Unit2,Building17 Yanjingli Middle street Chaoyang district Beijing,China.

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