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About Yvonne...

I'm Yvonne, 33 years old. I've studied history and now I'm working in an archive. I love this job, because every record I work with, tells it's own little story.

I'm a passionate reader especially of crime novels (especially by Elizabeth George, Leena Lehtolainen and Arnaldur Indriđason). I also love the books by Jasper Fforde.

At postcrossing I'm looking for postcards which tell something from the country they come from. It would be great, if you could send me a postcard from your country, that shows something typical from it.

I also like
- comic cards (for example Kiroileva siili/Cursing Hedgehog; Moomins, Roger la Borde, Angry Birds, Mauri Kunnas, Anniina Isokangas; Animals on the Underground; Minions)
- Easter Island and moai
- cards from the capitals of the countries, with the capitals name written on it (for example: A card from Berlin, where is written "Berlin" on it.)
- Finland and everything finnish
- Mammoth (the animal) and Bison (European and American Bison)
- historical pictures and artworks (vintage cards)
- Jugendstil/ Art Nouveau, e.g. Alphonse Mucha, Patten Wilson (Here I look especially for "spring", "summer" and "autumn" from "The four seasons". I already have "winter".)
- UNESCO WHS cards
- cards from museums (also showing the museum itself; I like historical objects more than art/paintings) and archives
- Royalty (historic and current, especially OTMA)
- Multiples (Ateliers nouvelles images, Museion Infocard etc)
- women's rights
- tortoises, whales, beavers
- farm animals
- flags
- Dachshunds
- busses
- Ocean sunfish (Mola Mola)
- Fashion from the years 1900 to ca. 1930
- Silent movies (stills, poster, actors, etc.)
- Lali Riddle cards
- Indiana Jones (the hero of my youth)
- Doctor Who (Daleks are the best!)
- cards showing Dita von Teese

Suomalaiset: Opiskelen Suomea. Voitko kirjoittaa suomeksi? Kiitos!

I prefer my cards written and stamped, so everyone can see, that it came a long way to me. ^_^