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Hi there!

How are you?

My name is Connie. My boyfriend Ben, our babygirl Vive and I live in a tiny village in the centre of the Netherlands. Vive was born end of 2020, so jup, newborn mom over here. 😆🥰
We live in a beautiful green environment. Our village has the river ‘Waal’ on one side and polder on the other side. It’s beautiful! At home we have two chickens and a handsome rooster.

I love holidays, to travel, to go city tripping or to visit a country far far away! I love to see nature and wildlife above and below water (diving). I love going out for dinner or to have fun at a festival.
In these times of Covid I’m very happy that I can still go out for walks, I can still watch my favorite movies and series, I can still do some salsa dancing (at home) and… I can still participate in Postcrossing! 😆 ‘Traveling the world through postcards’ some might say. 🌍🤩

If you were wondering what card to send me… I like a lot! 😄
At first a special request (I hope you don’t mind). My mom is fan of the band Queen. For her birthday I would love to surprise her with cards of Queen or just Freddy Mercury. So if you have any of those lying around, don’t hesitate to send them. 🕺

Then some other suggestions: You could send me a card with a beautiful view, a festival, a famous person from your country, an animal from your country, maybe a card that shows the characters of your favorite children’s book, or maybe a famous building (like a castle, farmhouse, library etc.). You could send me a card with a (illustration of a) kid/children to show to Vive when she grows up, or… Just something that makes you happy!

If you feel creative, please let it out! 😉 I like drawings, stickers, washi, stamps etc..
Are you having a writer’s block? No worries. You could write about what made you smile today, what is your favorite dish, what you like about the place you live or maybe you could teach me some words in your language.

If you have any GF cards from Postallove then I would gladly receive one.
I already have: Algeria, Aland Islands, AL, AU, AT, BE, Bermuda, BG, BR, BY, Chile, CN, CA, CO, Croatia, CR, CZ, FI, FR, DE, HK, GR, Iceland, IE, Indonesia, India, Israel, IT, JP, KG, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Macao, Macedonia, MC, MY, MX, Moldova, NL, NO, NZ, Peru, PH, PL, PR, PT, Romania, RU, Singapore, ES, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Switzerland, TJ, TN, TH, TW, UA, UK, United Arab Emirates, USA.
Arranged: Barbados.
Wow… writing this down makes me realise that the collection is definitely growing! 😃

The United in Diversity serie (EU maps) is so cute! I started to collect this serie (for my daughter) and already have BE, BG, DE, ES, FI, FR, GR, IE, IT, NL, PT, UK and… EU.

But, just so you know, any card from you will make my day! Surprise me. 😊

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you in advance for your postcard and your effort.
I hope you have fun postcrossing and I wish you a wonderful day!

Liefs, Connie

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