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Cheracs, Belarus


(or Mikita) is a member in Belarus . He has been a member for over 2 years (964 days).
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  • Languages: English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Belarusian
  • Birthday: 18th October 1988 (29 years old)
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Lat: 53.90, Lon: 27.57 | Google Maps

About Mikita...

Hello, fellow postcrossers!

I am a writer from Minsk, Belarus. It's fascinating to be part of this community. I am looking forward to hearing from the World and send you warm greetings out of Minsk.

I am a knowledge addict, I read a lot. I am interested in how the human brain works, that is, how we decide, what makes us anxious and so on. I think I am just a little bit addicted to learning. It gives me a good load of energy to move on.

I am also a marketing punk. I like to generate business ideas and take businesses to the next level. But I am always on the people's side, so I know how to reach out to them and how to address their problems.

Laughter makes me happy. I love to make people laugh.

By no means I want to demand, but in case you are wondering, I like the following types of cards:

- old-fashioned, vintage
- cards with people on them, just people, people in the street
- landscapes/nature
- painted landscapes
- countryside
- urban landscape photo (not tourist cards)
- painted city views
- paintings

PS. Please, put the date on your card.

PPS. Dear friends, I know handwriting is getting out of fashion. I know it already seems quite unusual to hold a pan. However, please, try to write as legibly as you can, because I am really looking forward to hearing from you, but I need to be able to read your writing. My handwriting must be awful, too, so I will do my best as well :)

Yours sincerely,

Mikita Cherkasau