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About Aurora...


Just send a card. I like any kind and just the gesture is enough. Above all, the joy of receiving mail makes my day.

The only thing I would like to ask is if you can put the card in an envelope. That way I can collect the stamps without damaging the card, and the card will remain in prestine condition.
If you can, I would like it if you could make an envelope yourself, or draw on it or something, but don't feel obligated to do so, normal envelopes are fine as well!

If you could scan your card, or otherwise upload a picture, I would be very happy!

Also, anything you can find on How To Train Your Dragon, or dragons in general, is most welcome. I really absolutely love the fantasy cards from the Anne Stokes collection, so if you can send one of those, you will definitely make my day! Anything related to music/violins would be amazing as well. I am learning how to play so violinists: if you have tips I'd love to hear them! Handmade cards are also very welcome, so feel free to send me a creation of yours!

I have fallen into the rabbithole that is dollcustomizing. I know there are probably no cards about it, but if you have little bits and bobs that aren't too expensive to send and can safely fit in an envelope, I'm always looking for tiny things!

If you have the possibiliteas (pun intended) to send me some tea from your country, it would make me very happy!

Surprise me!

Thank you!!

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