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About SangAh...

*For Direct Swap : I can send postcard via airmail to only few countries, even surface mail(it means 'by ship') is not available to many countries at the moment. It's different in each country, I will not able to send card via airmail to your country even if you can.

Hello 안녕하세요! I'm Sang ah. It's written in Hangul as 상아, my name's chinese character is 嫦娥, maybe postcrossers in China/Taiwan know that it came from old chinese legend, my parents chose it when I was born.
In my avatar, you can see me in Korean traditional costume Hanbok(한복).
I've lived in Daegu more than 15 years but lately we moved to Gyeongsan - city next to Daegu.

* I'd be happy if I can get one from these :

- Greetings from... Card(only Sent from its origin country please!)
I already have AM, AT, AU, BE, BG, CA, CH, CL, CN, CZ, DE, EE, FI, FR, GB,GE, HU, HK, IL, IN, IT, JP, LT, LU, MY, NL, NO, PH, PL, RO, RU, RS, SG, SI, TH, TW, US)
- Cicely Mary Barker's flower fairies
- Women in Science
- Keep Calm Series (Parody ver.)
- Traditional costume
- Meet-up (with signatures, not blank one)
- Hogwarts Houses (I love Ravenclaws most!)
- Pin-up Girl(but I don't want entirely Nude one)
- Map card of your country or city(state)
- Your country/city's landscapes & city views (especially with flowers♡)
- Paintings of Gogh, Renoir, Waterhouse, J.W Godward, Alma-Tadema, Mucha (I love Pre-Raphaelites and Impressionism!)
- Illustrations cards with cozy, warm feeling or watercolor paintings.
- Birds(Especially Budgie/Parakeet♥♥♥^0^ Owls are welcome too/Plz NO poultries)
- Anything related with Victorian era/Belle Epoque era
- Royal family of your country

- Please write the YOUR NAME & DATE
- Please send the card from your own country (for touristic cards)
- I prefer WRITTEN & STAMPED card without envelope!
: it would be nice if you can put beautiful stamps :D I love pretty stamps!
- Please avoid using 'fountain pen' for writing, because I found what sender wrote for me is disappeared after few years. I don't want to lose what you wrote for me so add this asking, plz understand!

- It would be nice if you can write answer to my questions :
◈ Please share a quote(or poem) you like!
◈ What color/flower/season do you like most? (with reason if you have)
◈ Please introduce your major/study or job/work!
◈ Which fragrance do you like? (You can choose perfume name or natural smell!)
◈ If you like Harry Potter, which house do you think you'll be sorted?

☆ 日本の方へ:日本語できますので、ハガキに英語なし全部日本語だけで書いてくださってもいいです^0^ / Gotochi カードをいただければうれしいです。着物と浴衣のような日本の伝統衣装のカードや、芸者・舞子さんのカードも好きです :D

# If you're from Belarus, could you send me a card from 'Fauna of Belarus'?
# If you're from US, could you send me a card 'Keep calm and Love (state)' card?
- Insects & Bugs / AD cards / Horror / Comics(Cartoons) / Baby
- ANIMALS (Except BIRDS/Fauna of Belarus/Peanuts)

*Expired : 56 (2011~now)

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