How does Postcrossing work?

It's quite simple:

  1. Create an account on the website (it's free). You need to provide your address so that you can receive postcards back.
  2. Request to send a postcard. Postcrossing selects a random member for you to send a postcard to. Their address and some profile details are shared with you. A Postcard ID is also provided: that's an unique code (e.g. US-12345) that identifies the postcard that you are about to send.
  3. Write a postcard to that postcrosser and make sure to also write the Postcard ID on it. That's it — now all you need to do is post it just like any other postcard. Don't forget the stamps!
  4. The card arrives to its destination - hurray! The other postcrosser registers it, using the Postcard ID written on the card.
  5. Once a postcard you have sent has been registered, you'll be eligible to receive a postcard! It may take some time for it to be delivered, but as soon as your postcard is registered, another random user will send a card to you. Once you receive it, register it on the website, so they will be selected to receive one next!

You can send several postcards at once, and the more you send, the more you will receive back.

Make sure to read the Postcrossing Community Guidelines before you start exchanging postcards. If you still have questions, check out the FAQ.

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