Where do I write the Postcard ID?

For a postcard you sent to be registered, the receiver must be able to read its Postcard ID.

If you put it in an area where it might be read by mail sorting machines, it could be confused for a post code, which would delay its delivery. And if you write it too close to the stamp area, it might be stamped over, causing the receiver some problems deciphering it!

Here are some do's and don'ts for writing the Postcard ID:

  • do write it clearly, and use large letters/numbers
  • do write it on the left half of the postcard (direction of text is unimportant)
  • do write it more than once on the postcard
  • do double-check that you wrote it correctly
  • don't write it under, above or to the right of the address
  • don't write it next to the postage area
  • don't write it with ink that smudges easily

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