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About Awi...

2% of population, I'm urban Indigene of Taiwan. Cycling' jogging' tracking and swimming... are my daily choice to have fun and relieve from workplace stress. Sometimes I read and pay attention to the issue of indigenes dilemma.

Some of my favorite cards are:
Anything about indigene, aborigines, the minority nationality
Folk, Prog, New Age and Heavy Metal bands
Classic, historical, B/W photo
Cheerful comic, cartoon, something funny and unpredictable
Any kind of Map or views of where you live
Wild animal, insect, flower, botany

Be feel free and every picture tells a story, or else imagine another one as wishes. All kind of cards delights me!

** Write down the date on the card, please; and better not in an envelope, thanx.

** Sorry~ please understand I register any cards only if it’s in hand, never the invisible one; and all received cards are also uploaded, so please check to avoid DOUBLES. Thanks in advance!

** Expired card: 5%

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