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About Olga...

I'm a teacher in a secondary school.I like travelling. Especially I want to visit USA , France , Australia and United kingdom. London is the city of my dream. Postcrossing is my favourite hobby. I love to read Postcrosser's list of wishes, choose and send a postcard. I buy postcards from all corners of Russia and now I have a huge stock so, hopefully, I will choose the right card for you.

"There is nothing worse than an empty mailbox". I like these words that I´ve read on a profile page of a postcrosser from Portugal.

My postcard wishlist:
* London /Royal family/British elements(Union Jack/double bus/phone box/building/taxi/mail box/soldiers with bearskin hat/etc.
* Greetings from..... cards
* Maxicards
* Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Naples etc.)
* Prague
* Aunties by Inge Look
* world famous sightseeing
* Map Cards, flag of your country
* national holidays / traditions of your country
* cactus plants
* bridge I like Øresund Bridge-Denmark.I'll be happy to receive the postcard!
* Lali Riddle
*Jetoy (choo choo cat)
*Gotochi cards
* unusual shaped cards
* I like cards with quotes (please translate them to me).
- If you are good at drawing, handmade postcard is also acceptable.
But any other card is also welcome!
-I also like nice stamps and stickers/washi tape very much and enjoy seeing them on my cards! I appreciate it very much if someone takes the time to decorate a card's backside.
-Please do not send me advertising cards or self printed cards,covers of old fashion magazine etc. Thank you (keep it for another users, who likes it)
- tell me something special what you think I do not know about your country, .
- write the date when the postcard was send, it's always interesting to see how long it travelled and add the temperature as well when you send the card.
- write your name readable.

PS: If your card has not reached me within the 60day period. Drop me a line with your ID number and I will register it. :))
I hate expired cards and I am sure you TOO :))

Expired cards: 2019
RU-7127926 LA_Postcard U.S.A.
RU-7119251 zhenhe Taiwan
RU-7110589 Zoey-zwy China
RU-7110587 rahmiislami Indonesia
RU-7034062 bavinka Belarus
RU-6817148 moonboy5190 China
RU-6655900 Spartane03 Switzerland
RU-6456105 Nargiz Kazakhstan
RU-6377342 dwicheppy Indonesia
RU-5366140 p579174 Taiwan
RU-5628021 KhushiMasti India
RU-5677714 berlinberlin Germany
RU-5693351 WillQin China
RU-5780053 myriamdreams France
RU-6012562 leyla Finland
RU-6093082 AnnettevdW South Africa
RU-6141572 david98928 China
RU -4511417 Kleinemaus31 Germany
RU-4740765 candy1994 China
RU-4945756 KikiKiwi Germany
RU-5211611 LieselFitzHerbert South Africa

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