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About Aniruddha...

I am an avid stamp and cover collector apart from postcards. So if possible please send your postcard in an envelope. If not kindly use recent stamps on your postcard if possible ;) I love to send postcards too so please do mention your address in that case so that i can reciprocate.

2021 theme - Funny/naughty/dark secrets :)

Also when you send your card mention one special story about your life. If its a naughty secret or weird story even better haha :) Some special achievement, some weird incident that changed your life, some act that changed someone else's life, some tradition you follow based on a strong belief, some motto of life that motivates you.

Howdie all,

I am Ani , from India. Work takes up most of my time. But when not working, my hobbies include reading, music, travelling, writing, collecting stamps, playing football and collecting info about various cultures of the world.

I love postcrossing as it gives everyone an opportunity to make friends with people across the globe. So if you feel like taking the risk, I'd love to be friends and write letters apart from postcards.


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