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About Juno-Jazz-Winter...

Hello! We are three house canines. Our avatar shows our faces.

Juno (beagle) likes to nap on the couch and hunt rodents in the garden.
Jazz (border collie) loves to play fetch and hide & seek.
Winter (white husky) likes to chew on furniture and steal shoes.
Three of us enjoy our daily dose of belly rubs.

Postcard themes we'd be super grateful to get our paws on:
+ UNESCO world heritage sites
+ Your city / country / tradition
+ Snoopy (did you know that Snoopy is a beagle?)
+ Harry Potter and Game of Thrones for our humama (human mama)
+ Disney's "101 Dalmatians" or dalmatians in general (humama used to care for two dals for 14 years until they passed).

Regardless of what postcard we get, we will treat it with respect and gratitude. We only ask that you don't leave it blank. Write briefly about yourself as we believe that each postcard carries a part of the sender's self with it. If you have dog(s) or other pets, you can also write about their activities or your fond memories with them.

We'd also like to raise awareness about the rampant dog meat trade in Indonesia. Every year, millions of dogs are brutally transported and slaughtered throughout Indonesia to supply the demand for dog meat consumption. Many are stolen family pets and illegally trafficked dogs collected from the streets and rural communities. If you have a minute to spare, please go to https://www.dogmeatfreeindonesia.org and sign the petition urging Indonesia's government to ban the dog meat trade.

Happy Postcrossing! Woof woof!

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