is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 2,951,776 habitants. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan.
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1. alexanyan, Armenia alexanyan
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2. Nerses, Armenia Nerses
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3. Tsovastgh, Armenia Tsovastgh
1,072 postcards sent
4. margoflower, Armenia margoflower
808 postcards sent
5. GirlfromtheNorth, Armenia GirlfromtheNorth
360 postcards sent
6. Anna13-Kocharyan, Armenia Anna13-Kocharyan
357 postcards sent
7. m_in_cube, Armenia m_in_cube
314 postcards sent
8. July-Luna, Armenia July-Luna
314 postcards sent
9. LanchikBananchik, Armenia LanchikBananchik
271 postcards sent
10. Orofarne, Armenia Postcrossing Supporter Orofarne
268 postcards sent

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alexanyan, Armenia Nemra, Armenia margoflower, Armenia Orofarne, Armenia PatriciaHolman, Armenia mykoserocin, Armenia GirlfromtheNorth, Armenia syrenko, Armenia vimninja, Armenia jdevereauxx, Armenia Syuni, Armenia lukoshko, Armenia H_ERMINIA5, Armenia Seda__, Armenia GRIGDIY, Armenia Anii, Armenia hugechipsfan, Armenia PeregrinTk, Armenia coffeebook_Mari, Armenia
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