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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

Architecture is everywhere around us… but beyond its practical purpose to provide shelter and security, the buildings we inhabit and walk by everyday often say something about our culture, and can be works of arts in their own right. How do these look like, where you are? Are there architectural styles or details that are special to where you live?

In June, write about an architectural style from your region or country.

So, I’ll go first! Our town of Tavira has a peculiar architectural detail that makes it unique: the special pyramid-shaped rooftops, called “telhados de tesouro” (or treasure roofs)! You can see some of them on this photo:

Treasure rooftops in Tavira

They’re very intriguing in a southern seaside region with little rain, where most of the houses have terraces instead of clay tiled roofs (so that fish can be dried in them). The treasure roofs came from the time of the great sailing expeditions, and the style is said to have been brought by adventurous sailors returning from the East, where it was adapted to the monsoon weather. They thought it was fashionable, perhaps, and tried it out. A few centuries have gone by, but these special roofs still exist today, giving the town a unique skyline that locals have come to recognize as home.

What about you? Is there something in your region or country that stands out, architecturally? We invite you to share it with others on the postcards you write this month!


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