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My name is Olga, I'm a 26 year old biology student from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I will enjoy every received postcard, no matter what is depicted on it!
But here's a reference list if you really have no idea what to send:
- I like birds and plants (especially rare ones), also different invertebrate animals and frogs
- wolves
- funny cards are always fun to receive
- I like foreign languages and linguistics, would be really nice to receive a card on this topic (and I would really appreciate a translation in English of the inscription on the card, if I don't speak that language)
- football (soccer), I like different kinds of sports, but football is my favourite
- cards related to natural sciences
- old soviet cartoons
- Moomins, Krtek, old Disney cartoons
- movies and TV-series
- cute cards
- fashion
- Harry Potter
- cards with unusual photos
- I don't mind AD cards, actually I think that they can be much cooler than the regular "pay-cards"
- any cards you like

And I would really appreciate nice stamps:)

If you could send me a baseball-related card I'd be really happy!!!

Here you can see all the cards I received:

Happy Postcrossing:)

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