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I'm a 30-something year old who loves reading (especially Stephanie Plum novels), fashion, music, tv series (the Good Wife, Gossip Girl & Dexter) and drinking lots of tea.

If you need some inspiration for finding me a postcard (I ♥ black and white ones, but I also like lots of bright colous), here you have it:
- Dancing & Figure skating
- (old) Bookstores (super)markets and small shops
- Holy Mary's, old ladies & Nuns
- style icons and old movie(star)s
- Paintings, Graffiti & fashion photography
- (old) Doors, Windows, Postboxes & Streetsigns

I would appreciate it if you write a bit on the card. I would like to know more about you: favourite things, a quote, what makes you smile, a secret, what you'll have for dinner, anything!

Some time ago I received a page of a newspaper with a card I received, such a fun idea! So if you have a page of a newspaper or magazine, a piece of art, a dried flower, teabag, trainticket or something else that fits in an enveloppe that you would like to send, I would like that a lot.

I am not very fond of touristic cityview cards, homemade cards (except those made of your own photographs) cards with flowers or babies. You might want to save those for someone else.

Although I don't collect them, I do like beautiful stamps!

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