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Senior citizen and long-time widowed mother of three adult "children" - all sportaholics and love to watch rugby, football, cricket, tennis, snooker and any international events. Languages have always interested me and at school I had three French penfriends and two German. Now learning Finnish - and (after 5 years of lessons!) have just learned to swim. Travelling to see the world is great but wasn't easy until the children were grown and I had a full-time job to earn enough money to travel. One thrilling journey was to a nephew's wedding in Sydney when we had two years' notice to save and plan the itinerary, stopping in Hong Kong, Cairns, Sydney, New Zealand and Chicago. Visiting those countries was like a dream for us all. In October 2009 I went on a ten-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land with 27 Christians (only two of whom I knew) from around Barnet and that was breathtaking. Then in 2011 a cruise round the Aegean "in the steps of St. Paul" was unforgettable.

My job is secretarial, currently with a mental health organisation, but on Fridays love to volunteer in an Animal Centre, looking after cats until we find new homes for those lost, abandonned or hurt cats. Now I have two cats (Isadora and The Boy) who have adopted and own me. Isadora IS ADORAble and The Boy - well, he's a boy!

I've collected stamps from France since I was 9 and now collect Finnish ones. Philately is a wonderful way of learning about different countries and their customs etc. as depicted on stamps. It would be great to receive French and Finnish stamps from you and I'll send world stamps or postcards in return. Just ask!

PLEASE SEND NORMAL SIZE 6" x 4" (15 x 10.5cm) postcards - because larger ones get bent in my teeeny-tiny letter-box - and write the date you are sending the card. Following topics would be welcome, especially with words in your language (+ English translation!):
- FIFA World Cup football - or your country's national sports
- USA map cards with state flag, flower, bird etc.
- "Did you know?" cards
- pictures of YOUR town or country with the name on the front
- something you are proud of in your town or country
- food and drink particular to your country
- map cards to improve my geography!
- hearts and clouds, trees and flowers
- wildlife (birds, animals, butterflies and flowers)
- especially fox & squirrel
- churches and cathedrals
* From France or Finland I'd really appreciate the card in an envelope so I can soak off the stamp(s) and, if you have any spare used French or Finnish stamps, it would be lovely if you could include them in the envelope. Otherwise nicely-stamped and written cards are preferred.

Thanks in advance and long live Postcrossing!

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