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(or Kayo) is a member in Japan Japan. She has been a member for over 2 years (924 days).
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Speaks: Japanese / English
Birthday: 5th January 1993 (21 years old)
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About Kayo...

I'm Kayo and live near Kyoto.
I'm a university student. My major is childcare.
I like making sweets,reading books and comics,seeing movies,shopping.

*My favorite postcards.

・popular character from your country
・symbols of your country
・children's book illustrations
・landscape of your country
・cards showing famous people from your country

Don't send me grotesque or erotic please...
Except for those, I welcom. :)

If you have no idea what to write,please tell me about yourself,about your hobby,about your country.

I'm looking forward to receiving your postcard.
I can't wait!

Happy Postcrossing!
Thank you. :D

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