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(or Pernilla) is a member in Sweden Sweden. She has been a member for over 2 years (1060 days).
Distance Sent: 2,173,010 miles
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Speaks: Swedish English German understands Norwegian and Danish
Birthday: 31st May
Interested in direct swaps: No

10th on most postcards sent from Sweden
10th on longest distance sent from Sweden

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About Pernilla...


Im a 37 year young woman from south Sweden.

My biggest passions are letterwriting, travelling and watching sports. (Esp. tennis)
I think postcrossing is a wonderful idea and I always get happy when I find a postcard in my postbox.
I collect stamps and get happy for every new stamp in my collection.

From people in Rome Id be very happy for a Vaticanstamp :)

My WISHlist is:

-famous things in your city/country
-REAL cards
-REAL stamps.
-card in envelope if possible
-standardsize if possible
- No touchnote card


Appreciated WISHES with stamps

EUROPE STAMPS 2013 postvehicles
NEW ZEALAND Hobbit stamps
FINLAND New stamps (2012+2013)
RUSSIA Kremlstamps/ small animalstamps
In different values and colours
USA Foreverstamps
UNITED KINGDOM Olympic winnersstamps,English queen(the small one with different colours and values)
NETHERLANDS Olympic winnerstamps
BELARUS Domestic athletes ( i.e Max Mirnyi)

Im looking for PENPALS from all over the world so if you want a penpal please tell me :)


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