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(or Santi) are a group of people in Spain Spain. They have been members for over 2 years (924 days).
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Speaks: català, español, english, suomea, français
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About Santi...

We are a trio, Santi+Nuria+Jofre. Santi is male and 47 years old. Nuria is female and 44. We are married and have one son, Jofre, that now is 1 year old!!! We live in a small town besides the sea, Canet de Mar, 40 km far from Barcelona, capital of Catalonia (the next european state) So we are catalan. We love swimming, hiking, trekking, and living the nature.

Surprise us! We are happy to receive your postcards from everywhere. We want to travel around the world living your own experience and discovering new places and way of life, and of course we also want to see how your place is. Nighttime cityscapes, architecture, culture or anything explaining where are you living.

You can send all kind of postcards, we like all themes but specially those cards featuring pandas (or bears); or something about beer; TItanic and ships; Keep calm or map cards are also welcome.

*** jos olet suomalainen, ja voit ota lähettää minä karhut, pöllöt, hirvi tai poro; ja lakkaa! Pidän myös saamelaiskulttuurin ja kaupungin kuvat. Älä lähetä järviä ja metsiä.
Kiitos paljon Barceloonaastä! ***

We are not so much interesting in swapping as we lost the magical surprise of postcrossing, but ask us if you have an special interested in that. Send us a message, and let's talk!

And, if you like and drink beer, please send me the label with the postcard in an evelope, as we are beer labels collectors as a hobby.

Thanks a lot.

Santi + Nuria + Jofre


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