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Hi, i´m a postcard-crazy girl which lives in Hannover, Germany. I´m engeaged - for a long time :) No, we won´t get married. We have two cats and we love them :)

Below are some of my favourites themes and topics i love to collect :) But it´s NOT a must, but please, if possible: NO viewcards, if you only have viewcards, okay, but otherwise please keep them for someone who really loves them ) Thank you :)

if possible...
I´m not a fan of Art in all kinds - please share them with people, which are interested in such cards...
Musicans, which are only famous in your region / country

If you are creative, handmades are also welcome if they fit in one of my collections :) AdCards which fits in my collections are also ok :)
Please check my collections to avoid doubles - i know, some of the collections are quite enormous and have many cards inside, but anyway: thank you for having a look on it :)

If nothing from your cards will fit, maybe the Topic of the month will help you out :)

TOPIC of the month August: Balls

Wishlist (in no specific order):
- Buddha (new collction)
- Anne Taintor
- Sheepworld
- Maneki Neko
- Big Letter states, sightseeing places, mountains, lakes and cities from the US
- Jetoy
- Kaj Stenvall
- Inge Löök
- Moomins
- Celebreties (famous all over the world please, not only in your region / country ! Actors, singers etc.)
- Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, Panthers
- Hearts
- Recipes / Food / Drinks
- Maxicards
- Cats
- "Keep Calm & ..."
- Black & White with a coloured point
- Country and State Flags
- Nouvelle Images
- James Dean, Romy Schneider and Audrey Hepburn :)
- Hello Kitty
- Royals


For the german users: Ich würde mich über "Forbetter your English" Karten sehr freuen, Beispiel:

Thanks in advance


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