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My name is Katherine and I live in the state of North Carolina in the eastern United States. I enjoy traveling, especially to the mountains and the beaches, and my other hobbies include photography, reading, weather forecasting, visiting museums and galleries, and pin collecting.

I would love to receive a card with:
- Olympic games (London 2012, Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014, etc.)
~ scenic views of your home country or city
~ a photo of a famous landmark near where you live
~ Soviet/Russian space program/cosmonauts
~ anything SCIENCE related
~ comics/manga and cartoons: Moomin, Totoro, Tintin, Asterix, etc., or anything else animated. My favorite manga and anime right now is Fairy Tail ^_^
~ flags or maps (I really like transit or metro maps, if you have one!)
~ animals (Belarus Postcrossers: I would love a card from the Fauna of Belarus series!)
~ interesting photographs
~ works of art
~ famous people from your country (Dutch Postcrossers: I would love a postcard of your new King Willem-Alexander!)
~ anything else that you find interesting or want to share with me!

Or you can also look in my Favourites section if you need an idea...

Thank you for your card and I can't wait to check my mail!

~ Katherine (bluehurricane) :-)



Je m'appelle Katherine et j'habite en Caroline du Nord aux États-Unis. J'aime voyager, photographier, regarder la météo, visiter des musées, et collecter des Pin's.

(Le Français est ma langue seconde, donc je m'excuse pour ma grammaire imparfaite...)

J'aime beaucoup les cartes postales des...

~ Jeux Olympiques
~ vues panoramiques
~ monuments de votre ville
~ astronautes et cosmonautes (ASE, ASC, ROSCOSMOS)
~ sujets scientifiques
~ BD's et dessins animés
~ drapeaux et cartes (j'aime les cartes du métro!)
~ animaux
~ photographes
~ personnes célèbres de votre pays
~ tout ce que vous souhaitez envoyer!

Si vous voulez, vous pouvez trouver quelques idées dans ma section <<Favourites>>.

Merci beaucoup et j'attends vos cartes postales merveilleux!

~ Katherine (bluehurricane) :-)

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