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Hello, I'm Elena from Taoyuan,Taiwan.
I love traveling and collecting postcards.
I've been to Japan, America and Canada so far.
I 'd be able to go abroad all the time to collect all the postcards. However, since I have a busy job I cant go traveling.
I've been working as a cram school English teacher at night time. The children here in Taiwan often go to cram schools to learn English as their second language.I love teaching!

Anyway, if you are going to send me a postcard , I will be excited. I'd like to know your life and know more about your culture.If it's okay with you,I'd like my postcards with some stickers ,paper tapes or stamps from your country.

♥shaped cards/especially rectangle ones
♥beautiful landscape/views/famous tourist attractions/festival of your country
♥American TV shows -WareHouse 13, The vampire diaries,Person of interest and Castle!
♥Lali riddle cards
♥Moomin #Finland
♥anything vintage or retro
♥Disney !!!Especially Duffy or Disney UniBEARsity
♥holiday cards!
♥Welsh corgi!!! I have a corgi pet!
Ps. if you are from Japan and you have your own "Gotochi cards" ,please don't hesitate to send me!!! http://www.postacollect.com/gotochi/

Happy Postcrossing :)

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