Postcrossing Love

or, what our members say about us.

“For a postcard lover like me, Postcrossing is like heaven on earth. The amazing feeling of opening the mail box and finding a postcard from a different country makes my day. Love it so much :)”

Mariana, Portugal

“I love the suspense of wondering where your next postcard will be from and what it will look like.”


“This is a great opportunity to get live communication with people abroad. Postcards transfer human energy which is great. It's a wonderful project!”

Yura, Ukraine

“This project is the most fantastic that I have seen in my life. It has almost 6 months that I have been traveling around the world through the gorgeous and beautiful postcards that I have been received...The words that people have written really make my day special. I just love this project!!!”

Lucysp, Brazil

“I love getting post! But now it is like an adventure. My kids cannot wait to see where the next one comes from. The hunting for nice postcards is also adding to the fun. It is like a little geography lesson every time you go to your postbox! Happy postcrossing!”

Elma, South Africa

“it allows me to travel and discover the world at a cheaper price!”

Belinda, Singapore

“I love Postcrossing, because it feels like, I make a lot of friends all over the world and those friends make friends with me!
Every time when I open my mailbox and find a card, it give me an smile on my face, make my day Happy!
-Happy Postcrossing-”

Anneke, Canada

“I was waiting to stumble upon a project like postcrossing! I just got my first postcard and that alone made my day very exciting!”

Gigi91, Puerto Rico

“It's awesome to read those few words written on paper <3”

Kasia, Poland

“Ever since my friend introduced me to postcrossing I have been smiling to myself all the time at the thought of it all, that you send and receive from 100s of countries around the world. Receiving a postcard the traditional way is so much more satisfying and exciting! I am going to do this for my whole life! No doubt!”

Heather, Surrey

“I'm just new to Postcrossing and am already addicted. I have yet to receive my first card but every time someone receives one from me and I can get a new name, I do! What a great way to brighten my day and know I'm going to make someone's day better too. I'm eagerly anticipating that first postcard. No more dreading that walk to the mailbox expecting only a pile of bills.”

rileybear, Canada

“Postcrossing is........... awesomeness!!!”

Julia, U.S.A.

“I am getting older and not able to travel as much as i used to... now I can go all over the world!”

Jack, U.S.A.

“Wanderlust has always consumed me, but postcrossing has made me want to travel the world so much more. I love connecting with people through postcards, receiving awesome ones is just as fun as sending them. On several occasions, getting a postcard in the mail has really made my day, and I couldn't be more grateful. carpe diem!”

Casey, U.S.A.

“I love to send and receive mail! Everyday I open my mailbox I find something new - from the bustling city of Berlin to the quiet streets of Singapore, I can't wait to experience what the postcards have to offer! And everyday I hope that a postcard will come - it has become my life!”

Mark (bikeroo), U.S.A.

“Having been a Post Office clerk for 28 years, this project, and it's runaway success, surprises even me.
I wonder if the founder envisaged the sending of almost half a million cards a month.
One thing that I do know, however, is that almost everyone loves to receive personal mail, and this is mentioned by my customers almost daily.
Postcrossing, for those of us lucky enough to have found it, allows us to receive the personal touch in an increasingly digitised world.”

Simon, post office clerk,UK

“It is so pleasant to put your hand into mailbox and find there something you expected to get! I`m sure - nothing can replace traditional post!”

Olga from the City of White Nights

“It has enriched my life more than I ever imagined it could !! Postcrossing seems to be a brilliant synthesis of old and new styles of interchange in a world that seems too often to move too quickly. It is never as fantastic as receving a postcard from somewhere in the world. No communication method can give such a happiness of receiving a postcard !!”

gzf, China

“There's nothing quite like getting home after a long day at work and seeing a new postcard on your doorstep and not knowing who or where it's come from. It opens my eyes to places that I'd probably never even have known about had it not been for postcrossing!”

Rachel, United Kingdom

“it is so refreshing to receive postcards in the morning! It never gets old. The feeling in the mornings that something great awaits you in the mailbox is so invigorating. That beneath the stack of bills and letters, you'll find a nicely written postcard. Postcrossing has also enabled me to widen my network of friends from all around the world. Thank you Postcrossing for giving my mailbox a new lease of life!”

Cheryl (theguitarist), Malaysia

“The world is flat, at least that what Friedman said in his book and in fact with Postcrossing it becoming flatter and smaller world. Sending and receiving unexpected postcards from random person is one of the greatest things in my life. We don't know each other, but I read so many great stories of life and about their places. So great.”

Yangki, Indonesia

“There's such a thrill in receiving postcards from somewhere "out there." Also, thanks to my fellow Postcrossers, I'm learning about Russian authors, Finnish artists, and tidbits about places I haven't been to before and may never likely visit in my lifetime. It's like travelling without having to leave the comforts of home. :-)”

Susan, Philippines

“I love Postcrossing because there is such a warm fuzzy feeling you get when you open your post box to find a postcard that someone has taken the time to share a little piece of their life with you, from somewhere on this big beautiful world. You get to meet new people from all walks of life. You get to travel everywhere without actually going. You get to experience things that you couldn't even imagine if you weren't a part of Postcrossing.”

Hillary,Student, 19, Canada

“Postcrossing has given me a chance to be creative and expressive with such a little piece of paper. It is a form of art and I want to share my art with the whole world.”

अमांडा, U.S.A.

“It´s every day a lovely surprise, every day new cards, every day cards from special places all over the world. It´s so wonderful to see, how much the other people love your cards and to feel this friendship :) Postcrossing is just amazing!”

Lena, Germany

“Now, I feel I can reach all the world and I can meet so many different people from so many different countries. It's great and it's all cause postcrossing! :)”

Gabrielė, Lithuania

“I'm loving Postcrossing, I wish I had found this years ago. To connect with a stranger from across the world, and share some facts, news or gossip is a wonderful thing. People are so giving of their time and efforts!”

Donna, Australia

“It is absolutely exciting to get postcards from all over the world. I love the surprise where the next card comes from and everything that people share with me, what they are doing, what life is like in their country. It is a fantastic way of getting to know the world a little better! I love it!”

Jutta, Germany

“I immediately signed my boys up when I came across this idea in "Family Fun" magazine. My 11yr old has Aspergers as an attribute and one of his basic pleasures is getting mail!! He loves it. He loves the writing styles, words, pictures, everything. Thank you for our therapy!!”

Carolyn, Mom

“Postcrossing really does make one feel that you are part of a global community. It is such a simple, yet effective way to connect with people and countries you otherwise never would have. It's great to receive an interesting card on which someone has shared a little bit about themselves & their lives - I love it!”

Liesel, South Africa

“I like Postcrossing because it offered me a fun way to overcome my fear of leaving my house. After being indoors for almost two years and living like a hermit, I challenged myself to go on small trips to the post office as often as I dared to, to post cards. Now, after being a member for over a year, I can say that Postcrossing broadened my world in more than one respect. Not only am I not scared anymore, but I also have received postcards from places I will probably never visit myself. Thanks!”

Me, Netherlands

“This site has opened up a world-wide love of sharing - giving and taking, laughing and sometimes crying, smiling - our human condition with one another. I have "met" many friends here with whom I now correspond regularly. I am learning much about many cultures. And I am truly the richer for it.”

Terry from Arkansas

“Nothing beats the feeling of thinking what the person on the other side of the world might feels when receiving my card!”

Kitsune, Student, Finland

“it gives me a window of opportunities to get to know people from all around the world. Receiving postcards in my mailbox is akin to unwrapping presents on Christmas day!”

Cheryl, Malaysia

“There is such a sweetness to Postcrossing the the world often seems to lack in this busy world of survival. To think that someone shares a part of their world, their time, thoughts and stamps is a true blessing..Thank you..Postcrossers!”

Roberta, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing is the best present I have ever given to myself!”

snailmailer2, U.S.A.

“it has made me realize that there is so much kindness around the world, and I am thankful for this. I have come across many nice people.
It makes me very happy!!”

Martha, Mexico

“There is nothing like a postcard in your letterbox to let you know you're not alone, and bring a smile to your face. It's great to overcome barriers of race and religion and just reach out to each other in the spirit of Friendship. All the world should do postcrossing, we'd be a much calmer, friendlier place.”

Jo, Australia

“It is so exciting to receive postcards in the mailbox. I realize that people are people no matter where they live. We are all really alike, we enjoy same things in life and are sad about same things. A little girl from Russia wrote me that it was so hot in Russia that even ice-cream did not help. That totally made sense to me, that was HOT.”

Marlene, U.S.A.

“Postcrossing connects the world indeed. The excitement of seeing the postman turning around the bend is immeasurable. It needs to be felt to be understood. No two cards are the same, just like two individuals. Each one contains a little beating heart and loads of love. Postcrossing is the embodiment of hope. I simply <3 it!”

Sarah, India

“Postcrossing has made me realize that no matter how far away we are from each other, or what language we speak, we are all basically the same. I received a card from a little girl in Russia who said it was so hot there that even ice cream did not help. All the world loves ice cream and Postcrossing.”

Marlene, U.S.A.

“Everything about Postcrossing is just like an adventure: you never know who you send to and who you receive from. I enjoy this kind of mystery!”

Hailing, China

“I have always loved postcards and when I accidentally came across it, I immediately joined in. Wish I had known about this before. I even got my old aunty of 79 joining up, even though her English is very basic. And it's so nice that some of my postcards have been favourited.”

Nelly, Netherlands

“To me, Postcrossing is a wonderful way to get to know the world a little better. Every day when I come home, I hope to find a new card in my mailbox. You'll get to know people from all around the world: their cultures, their country, their city. It's simply wonderful!”

Ricardo, Weert, Netherlands

“It's a great way to slow my busy world down. When I pull out multiple postcards from my glistening treasure (PO) box it's like everything stops and I get to enjoy that moment completely.”

Mary, (Maryland, USA)

“Every day is special, and the days I get a postcard is extra special. Something so small and brings so much joy! Living way down here near the bottom of the world makes it very expensive to travel anywhere and the receiving of a card takes me briefly to a part of the world I will never visit. Thank you! Thank you everyone.”

Diane, New Zealand

“After starting postcrossing I have found that I run to the letterbox to find out who the next card (if its there) is from. This site helps you to get to know people from different cultures these people have differnt loves and hates to you etc. You get to talk to people you may not be able to talk to without a site like this one. I love reading peoples profiles and working out which card they like and hopefully ticking off something on their wishlist, I enjoy this just as much as receiving cards”

Ruth,15, United Kingdom

“It is a wonderful surprise to find 5 or 6 postcards from all over the world in your mailbox. It never fails to make me smile and make my day a little better. I think that it's a fun way to get a snapshot of how different people live and what's important to them. It's also a wonderful reminder that there is a lot of beauty in the world :-)”

Guyomar, Student, Mauritius

“Postcrossing is a part of my life.I always became so surprised and happy when I got a new postcard in my box, all of them are so warm, sunny, full of the happiness and love, so I want to share somebody with it.
Best wishes to everybody and happy postcrossing!:)”

Jelena, Latvia

“Postcrossing is like opening the doors to the world.

Every member I meet is someone like me - just someone wanting to share some thoughts and experiences from their little corner of the globe

I think it's the closest thing we have to world peace ♥”

ains, U.S.A.

“Two words: simple happiness”

Valeria, Argentina

“After a long day teaching, I'm always excited to see if my mailbox is "happy". No matter where I get a postcard from, it's always nice to hear from people around the world, and from places I've only dreamed of visiting. It's an amazing way to "travel" and experience the cultures of others without leaving home.”

Stephen, Maryland, U.S.A.

“Receiving cards makes me warm and I'd like to share some happiness with who is unknown to me. Postcrossing makes two happy - the sender and the receiver. Double happiness, why not?!”

EJUNE, China

“It gives you the opportunity to get to know something about different people around the world. And it's a win-win situation, because you get to make others happy, and they make you happy, too! Just because of postcards, it's simple and nice! :-)”

Ilse, Netherlands

“It's really fun and exciting. I always wake up and rush to the mailbox to find my surprises!”


“It's the old fashion way of communicating and I love it.
This way I can travel around the world & see wonderful places I normally wouldn't see. Each card is special, because someone I didn't know picked it just for me and took the time to write and sent it. And I too can make people happy this way.”

Saskia1990, Netherlands

“I love Postcrossing because I have always been interested in international friendship and exchanging my culture with others from around the world. It is not only a place to send and receive postcards, but it is also a place to make friendships you otherwise wouldn't!”

Kayla, Maine, USA

“First off, it gives me a instant smile every time I receive one in the mail. But, then I go and learn a little more about the country the postcard was sent. I love learning about other places. But, what I have learned the most is we are all one big family across the world!”

Syncho, Canada

“Due to Postcrossing I've a many new friends. I always liked to travel. Thanks to postcards I get to know the world. Thanks to me many people get to now about my country - about Belarus!”

Elena, Belarus, employee of post-office

“Every single postcard brings me love, from different corner of the world. The little piece of paper has its temperature, just right enough to make people feel warm. By sending a postcard to someone, we send out care and love. While the postcards are being exchanged, the love is spread out...”

Joanna Chou from Taiwan

“Postcrossing is pure joy and excitement. The excitement is contagious. I have infected my husband!! He wants to read and see them. Every postcard gets a conversation going about the sender, the card and country. Pure joy and excitement!!”


“Postcrossing allows me to travel from my armchair!”

Vel, Australia

“It makes me dream about what waits for me in this big world outside. I'm just 16 years old and I've been a Postcrossing member for just two months or so, and I feel so in love with this website and all the beautiful windows to the world that I receive in my mailbox thanks to you, Postcrossing team.”

Isadora, Brazil

“It's like Twitter for snail mail, it lets me interact with people all over the world, it gives me a taste of other cultures, it gives me something to look forward to in the mailbox everyday. Surprise! A postcard from Germany! :)”

Dixie, USA

“I get to be part of the world again. Last year, I was an exchange student in Portugal. This year, I'm back home in the USA and all of my friends are away at college. Through Postcrossing, I've felt connected to people again, and I've loved learning bits of people's languages and cultures. I <3 PC!”

hurricanechelsea, Maine, USA

“It makes getting the mail a complete joy!! I never know what I will find when I open my mailbox!! I've met wonderful people, have a pile of postcards I treasure, and now I'm an addict!! Postcrossing is the best!!”


“I'm a postcard nut, I love the backs of them as much as the fronts, the little slivers of personality that arrive in my letter box, from the card they chose to the note they write, reminds me that we're all unique and makes the big world seem a little bit smaller.”

Frogglin, Australia

“It's nice to think someone, somewhere may have a smile on there face because a little piece of my life has reached them today. I know I have when I find a postcard on my doorstep. Thank you to everyone who partakes.”

Samuel, Finland

“It gives me an opportunity to 'see' places where I may never be in my life. Every time I receive a card, I'm reminded of how vast this world is, how many different people there are, and how many things I can do as an individual to give a smile to someone else in this world.”

Lyn, Brunei

“Every time I get a card it makes me happy and smiling. Because it is exciting to learn something about someone else. Because it has made me see that people really are the same everywhere on the globe. And because Postcrossing is about sending peaceful messages - it earns the Nobel Peace Prize”

Virpi, Finland

“It's perfect for my personality. I've never been a very good pen pal. Postcrossing allows me to have all the fun without the commitment!”

Vanessa, USA

“I love Postcrossing because of the wonderful friends I have made. I joined Postcrossing 3 years ago, and since then I have met so many amazing people who I now consider firm friends. I have met a group of people in my hometown in New Zealand, and I recently travelled to Europe where I met many 'international' Postcrossers.”

Pip (bebe22) from New Zealand

“It's a window to the world in which Postcrossing creates understanding about people and their cultures in the most simple way there is; just by sending and receiving a postcard. Wouldn't the world be a great(er) place if all inhabitants of this wonderful planet joined Postcrossing?”

Tjitske, Netherlands

“I love Postcrossing for many reasons but what I probably love about it most is that it gives me a way to interact with people I would normally never interact with. Talking directly to people of a different cultures, religions, or places I feel is the best way to appreciate the diversity of mankind.”

Aidan 12, Bay Area S.F

“It's not about receiving and collecting cards-It's about sharing a part of yourself with the world. Influencing people and leaving your mark in a place you may not ever get to visit. It's about connecting. It's putting a smile on someone face you may never get to meet. It makes my day better.”

Kelly, USA

“It's not just a game, it's a way to discover the world! It's a good way to meet new people, see new places and learning new things... really one of the most useful hobby we can have!”

annuccia, Italy

“This is almost too good to be true!!! I'm more than happy, that I found this, just love to receive and send cards. My heart is yours!!!”

Muumimamma, Finland

“I used to be fascinated by people in different cultures, but lately I've been too dedicated to my comfort zone, and have even developed a touch of American arrogance. Not cool! The world still has so much to offer, and I remember that every time I get a postcard from around the world. Thank you all!”

Tara, Virginia, USA

“It helped me lift depression and brightens up my days. Thank you!”


“It is one of the best things I ever did with the help of the internet! Postcrossing gives me the chance to be connected with such a lot of fascinating people all over the world! Oh and I love to prospect for postcards wherever I am to find one which might me matching to someone's interests.”

Darla, Romania

“Putting that smile on my face every time I send or receive a card, means the world to me...”


“My entire family does it. When a postcard arrives, we all cheer. We run down the driveway and rush to read it together. The girls study French in school and we like being able to write to people in France in their native language and get practice! We love learning about and seeing new places.”

Sheryl, Kate and Ellie in CT, USA

“I worship Postcrossing! Since someone introduced me to the Postcrossing changed my life as a lonely sailor... I look forward to the passage of the postman to find out if I have received cards and my home page is of course to see if my cards be delivered! You are the best!”


“It improved my knowledge of the world, of its diversity and beauty. It taught me that we are all so different, and at the same time, extraordinarily similar. Postcrossing showed me that there are still wonderful people in the world, and that gives me hope for the future.”

magl, Portugal

“It's every time a surprise! You never know what you're going to get. Sometimes it can be funny or touching :) other times it can be a great design of a card. But I always love the cards that are send with love (yes you can see the difference!) Happy Postcrossing to everyone out there!!!!”

Iris, The Netherlands

“I love snail mail and every time I receive a postcard I feel very lucky because I have the chance to see a place in the world with the point of view of the sender. On the other side, when I send a postcard, I can write freely my thoughts and my habits being sure it will be appreciated!”

LacrimadiLuna, Italy

“It brings the world into your postbox and into your home. I learn a lot from Postcrossing, it turns me into a dreamer, and it shows me places where very few people can boast that they had seen it all.”

Lida, South Africa

“I really love to send and receive postcards. I still remember the thrill of that first card in my mail box so clearly but have come to realize that sending them is just as much fun. As a hobby, it does not require much space like some. It costs very little also, which is great! Totally addicted!!”

Canadian Postal Worker

“Not only do I enjoy getting the cards but they are shared repeatedly. My husband is the first to get the mail and he is also excited to get the cards.
Then I take the cards to school and share them with the students. It's turned into a very good teaching tool.
It's broadened a lot of horizons!”

Mother Brando/Renee

“I love Postcrossing! Not only does it grant me 'armchair travel', but it's a hobby that I can share with my 11 year old daughter. She loves it too, and there's always a rush to the mailbox to see who got the most cards each day. We have a lot of fun together, and that's the best thing of all!”

Brenda W.

“It has opened up the world to me, a non-traveler. I have seen places and exchanged words with people I would have never met before. It has given me something to share with my 90 yr old grandmother and she is as excited to get the mail as me. Every day a new corner of the globe is illuminated.”

Yvonne, Southwest Florida

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