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About vield...


I once asked my Mum if I'd ever had a dream job growing up, and she told me I'd wanted to be Snufkin from the Moomins:

These days, I'm an artist working primarily in non-digital media: I especially enjoy using all kinds of watermedia (watercolours, watersoluble graphite, ink, gouache, and so on). I fund my financially unsustainable art career through my second job as a full-time software engineer. :)

Right now I'm reading a lot. I tend to go for crime fiction and non-fiction but will occasionally sample other genres as well. You can find some of my reading history here:

I also run and hula hoop for fun, and my favourite thing to bake are cinnamon rolls. I play Dungeons & Dragons with friends – my character is a baker by training but tends to feed the party croissants and muffins instead. She also happens to be a psionic gith wielding a mind-powered bread knife for a weapon, so in that respect I am also different from my in-game persona.

My favourite Postcrossing cards are those that feel like I've just had a mini conversation with the sender :)

If you'd like some card inspiration, here you go:

- Drawings on cards! I always like seeing other people's artwork. If you don't know what to draw, draw a cat, or try a daily prompt from :)
- Nature, trees, houseplants, any other kinds of plants
- Animals (cats, birds, border collie / German shepherd dogs, any other kinds of animals)
- Old photos, pictures of ordinary people (as opposed to e.g. royals), pictures of ordinary buildings (as opposed to e.g. cathedrals and castles)
- Dungeons & Dragons related images (dice, creatures etc)
- Art / illustrations from the 1900s/2000s (I especially like work from indie artists!)
- Art cards made by you regardless of your preferred medium; greeting cards and other snail-mailable items are welcome too
- Any card that you'd like to receive yourself, or think I would like to receive :)

P.S. Nice stamps will be appreciated and cherished.
P.P.S. I maintain a to-read list of up to 50 items (so that I have a chance of ever getting through all of it). If you make a good case for a book you enjoyed, maybe I'll manage to fit it in :) I'm especially interested in books originally written in Finnish, French, German, or Swedish, and would like to read them in the original language.

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