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About Tysha...

I'm 37, Bristolian by birth but now living in Wales. I'm mummy to three lionhead bunnies and collect anything and everything dragon-related.

I'm happy to receive any subject of postcard, as long as it's not handmade (please save those for people who like them), but for those of you who like wishlists:
* Dragons
* Paganism
* tea & teatime
* maps
* Doctor Who
* mythology
* magick
* nature

But if you have none of those, no worries ^_^

I don't mind ad-cards, as long as they are official ad-cards and are not homemade. My collection started with Boomerang cards from my local cinema, but sadly they are no longer available there.

I prefer my postcards to be stamped and written on, no envelope, and this is how I mail them out unless your profile/message states otherwise. Please do not send folded greetings cards in an envelope, they are not postcards and I do not keep them.

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