tjorras, South Africa

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About Wilna...

I love nature and traveling. I am 58 years old.
I like most postcards and maxi cards. Lately I fell in love with frogs, bunnies (rabbits) and horses - so a frog, bunny or horse card will make my day! A card depicting sheet music or a musical instrument/s will also be great. The only thing I'm not particularly fond of, are pictures of buildings or city views. However, all cards, also selfmade cards, are welcome.

On the above website you can see postcards my family and I designed.

You can also see some postcard boards I created on

I prefer written, stamped and postmarked cards if possible, or otherwise mint (unmarked) cards. If for some reason you have to send the card in an envelope, it's OK with me - just please, in that case, don't write on the card or mark it in any way; rather include a note. Please don't send greeting cards (folded cards).

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