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About Milly...

Hi! I'm Milly, I live in Newcastle, a city in North East England. Right now I live with my cat Nina, I spend most my time studying cool things and playing board games. In a few years I hope to study international studies at university in Geneva. Right now I must save because it’s very expensive. I travel quite a lot and I used to volunteer on farms. My goal currently is to visit every country in Europe, and I especially like visiting lesser-known places. As of December 2018 I have visited 15/50!

I am also trying to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days! I started this on 1st Jan 2018. Sending 500 postcards is part of those goals, I will let you know if you are a milestone! If you want to see the things I am working on, my blog is linked above.

What I would like to receive:
- Local landscape
- Unusual tourist locations/Unheard of places to visit
- Traditional foods/dress/craft
- Paintings, especially very colourful or abstract ones
- Disney cards
- Illustrated/drawn cards
- Trees, nature, flowers
- Cards that are unusual shapes (other than square or rectangle)
- Birds
- Cats
- Wild animals (giraffes are my favourite, this would make me so happy)
- Unique/weird/fun postcards
---- if you send me christmas/birthday/halloween/easter postcards at the appropriate times i will be very very happy!! ----

Of course, I also want to see what makes you happy! So any postcard is fine. I would love to hear why you chose the card you did, and what it means to you. If you have a card you have been trying to send but nobody seems to want it, I do!

If you struggle to find things to say, tell me about your country! Customs, traditions, phrases or perhaps food you eat. Or, what is your favourite thing to do where you live? If you are an artist I would appreciate a small drawing perhaps, but if you prefer to write that’s fine :)

I cant wait to receive your cards!

Per gli Italiani, per favore scrivi in Italiano! Sto ancora imparando ed è utile. Grazie 💕

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