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About Luka...

Hello I am Luka

I am a student at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

I like urban art or street art, theaters, sports and adrenaline sports, history, movies, geography, different cultures, all kinds of music like rock, jazz, blues etc..

I like to travel and meet new people. Traveling is fun and very instructive. I am very outgoing and friendly. My hobbies include sports, training and lots of movement like rowing, boxing, mountaineering, riding a bike, running etc...

What I would like to receive from you is whatever you think is great and makes you happy. It can be a card of your town or country or a place you have visited. Art (classical,modern, urban, street), nature landscape, sports events and venues, buildings, streets and skylines, black and white cards, animals in wilderness etc... be creative in your own way :)

Enjoy life!

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