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About Paul...

Inveterate traveller who has enjoyed seeing new places, tasting new cuisines, learning new languages and, of course, sending postcards back to friends and family. Fortunately, with my professional career (academic and consultancy), I have been able to go places quite often, mostly for conferences and incidental moments of tourism. Hopefully, once the Covid-crisis is over, this can happen again.

Since PostCrossing introduced the new (and very handy) Travel Mode feature, it has allowed me to send cards from the following places: AM, AT, AU, BE, CY, DE, DK, FR, GE, GG, GR, HR, HU, IE, IN, IT, JE, LU, LV, MY, NL, PT, QA, SE, SG, SI, SK, TH, TR, US. This has added to the delight of travelling and being able to send postcards recording visits to different destinations.

As for likes/dislikes, of course I have preferences, but I do not impose them on you the sender. After all, you have gone to the trouble of getting a card and paying for a stamp (not cheap these days). The least I can do is to be grateful for your kind thoughts. So send me the one postcard that you think is the perfect window into your city, your country, your world!

All cards are registered the day received (unless I am away from home). Please let me know if you think one is overdue (even before the 60 days are up) and I will keep an eye out for it.

PostCrossing Statistics:
2017: 186 arrived (98.9%); 2 expired (1.1%) (BY, SG);
2018: 340 arrived (99.4%); 2 expired (0.6%) (TW, US);
2019: 497 arrived (99.4%); 3 expired (0.6%) (CZ, LT, TH);
2020: 733 arrived (99.2%); 6 expired (0.8%) (CA, CN, RU, SG, UA, US);
2021: 535 arrived (98.5%); 8 expired (1.5%) (CN, DE, FI, JP, PL, RUx2, US);
2022: 24 arrived (96.0%); 1 expired (4.0%) (TW) (Jan-Mar).

PostCrossing Milestones:
0000 25.02.17
0250 06.04.18 S/R
0500 22.12.18 S 21.12.18 R
0750 16.08.19 S 19.08.19 R
1000 07.01.20 S 03.01.20 R
1250 05.06.20 S 03.06.20 R
1500 03.10.20 S 05.10.20 R
1750 21.01.21 S 23.01.21 R
2000 16.04.21 S/R
2250 09.11.21 S 31.10.21 R

UK Postal Rates (Int'l Postcards)
29.03.16 £1.05
27.03.17 £1.17
26.03.18 £1.25
25.03.19 £1.35
23.03.20 £1.42
01.09.20 £1.45
01.01.21 £1.70
04.04.22 £1.85

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