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I like planting trees and flowers, watching wildlife, fundraisers (WWF, astmafonds, foot and mouth painters...), lighthouses, trees, maps, flags, monuments (please explain of what), Garfield, Bugs Bunny, snowmen, frogs, turtles, bugs, whales, Olympics, nature, totem poles, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, The Piano Guys, Neil Diamond, Vivaldi, Mark Knopfler, Ai Weiwei, bluegrass and birdsong, freedom of the press, Marquis de Lafayette, wasting time on Internet, traveling to fairs and festivals. Holiday cards ok. Birthday cards are welcome near April 30. Prefer crisp photo to drawing. Odd shapes and lumpy stickers might survive better in an envelope. No folded greeting cards desired. Favorite shows; Big Bang Theory, spinoff Young Sheldon and NCIS (sorry China has to watch censored versions). I know it can be difficult to find something to write about to a stranger. Perhaps local events? Locally made products? Wildlife? Economic or political concerns? Weather? I don't collect, but do enjoy nice stamps. I'm a 60 year old retired factory worker. Thank you cards are always welcome, but please make some reference (US-*******) so I can let you know it arrived. My fave's are sent, received or seen that I like. There is a website in the US for sending sick kids postcards at sendkidstheworld.com My sympathies for the invaded Ukrainians.