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About Diana...

Hello! I'm Diana.

I can usually be found volunteering at my local library, going on adventures with my friends, singing in my school's choir, painting, reading, writing, making films (which I have a link to in my website tag...) , skateboarding, penpalling or writing postcards! Why don't you tell me some about yourself?? It'd be great to hear what you've done today, what you like or dislike, what you put on pizza, or even just a random fact...why not?
You can send me:

- Your favorite card
- Hideous cards
- Beautiful cards
- Weird cards
- Handmade cards
- A card that has a story
- An interesting ad card
- Recipes (Vegetarian, please!)
- If you'd like, you could send me something about you or where you live: coins, ticket stubs, tags, doodles, or whatever's in your pockets today. ;D

YouTube: HalcyonDay Studio
Instagram: @dianathehumanoid
Happy postcrossing!