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About Kitty...

Hello Fellow Post Crossers,

My name is Ketty, but I like Kitties and love that all I have to do is change one letter and I become a kitty. I have been on this site for over a year now, and I must admit that this addiction by far is the best ever. My husband loves it because he feels it save him money in some strange way. I guess prior to spending all my free time doing this it must have been more expensive. Either way, I truly enjoy sending post cards out, probably more that receiving... I think. Don't get me wrong though, I really really enjoying getting post cards in the mail, it is like a having a birthday gift every single day from unique and interesting people from all over the world. THANK YOU.

I try to always study your profile and do my best to send you a card I feel might make you smile. I like to feel the same sense of appreciation that I feel when a post card arrives to my mail box. I will also freely admit, if I am not working on a card or letter, I am probably shopping online looking for unique things to send, or I am planning a road trip in search of post cards. I have a pretty vast collection, but it is justified in my mind, and making you smile is the justification. That logic has won a few arguments with my husband already.

Everything you take the time and energy to send is greatly appreciated. I know what effort I put into the process, and I appreciate your effort. it may be important to know a little about me, so I will list a few things to give you a helping hand, but my intent is not make you feel as if you must meet my demands in order to be a successful post crossers. I don't do this for send/receive stats or the favorites. I do it for the love of the act. Handmade cards a SO special to me, so send those too.

All the cards I have received so far are special in every way. each unique card has something I love and cherish. honestly, I have not received anything negative to date. Very interested in swapping cards or stamps. just send me a message and I'll reply as soon as I can. ♥

Things I like:

Hello Kitty
most sanrio characters.
Yuko Huguchi cards
La dolce Vita
postcrossing cards
paper sisters
postal love
Cats and any other animal you may find on this planet
Cute things
Elderly People Stretching for a run
Chickens and anything that has feathers
Frida Kahlo

See I don't even like making a list, I like surprises.

Happy Post Crossings