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Hello fellow postcrossers,
I'm a 21 years old student born and raised in Romania. I lived in Germany for six years with my family until Oct. 2017, when I moved to the UK to study. I love to travel, and although so far I've been mainly through Europe, I hope one day to be able to visit all the continents of the world. Besides postcards, I collect bookmarks, coins and magnets.
I love all the postcards that I get, but in case you have problems deciding what to send me, here are some tips:

+ dogs, foxes, meerkats, squirrels, wolves, owls, butterflies
+ sunsets, sunrises, space
+ maps, touristic photos, multiview postcards (please send exclusively from your country)
+ "Greetings from..."
+ "Keep calm and..."
+ Halloween
+ supernatural, urban legends
+ Egyptian and Greek mythology
+ shaped cards
+ movie posters, Tim Burton's films
+ old animated series, especially from the '90s
+ Disney, Pixar, Marvel superheroes, Harry Potter (Ravenclaw), Sherlock Holmes
+ anime (Bns, Kuroshitsuji, SAO, OnS, Knb, Death Note etc.)
+ take a look at my favourites :)

+ From USA: state cards would be fantastic :D
+ From Spain or Portugal: Do you have cards like this?
+ from Germany: yellow city signs ❤️

Please have a look at my full collection to avoid repetition (:

- please NO insects, reptiles, spiders, farm animals
- please NO war theme, religious theme, guns
- please NO flowers (except blue or purple)
- please NO self-made, free, folded or advertisement cards

Don't forget to write the date on the card:)!

Thank you very much and happy postcrossing!

Expired cards:
2019 - 1
2018 - 1
2017 - 4

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