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About Arnošt...

I live in a small town in the Giant Mountains /Krkonoše/. They are highest
mountains in the Czech Republic. I like watch the NHL I’ve been collecting stamps since my childhood. Geographic postcards I collect for 40 Years.
Here are some examples of the postcards I Would like to receive for my collection. Please only REAL postcards /no paintings/.
I like:
- town views
- mountains
- lakes
- castles
- waterfalls
- volcanoes
- caves
- national parks
Not anonymous! Thank you!.
Please check the received cards of your country. Unfortunately i got quite a few cards double.

Please, no in the envelope. No hand made, animal, drawn, Christmas, Easter, black and white /do not send!!!/. Thank you!
Postcards are registered on the day they are received. Only real registration!

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Happy postcrossing!

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