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I am Anna, I'm 25 and live in England.

I -`ღ´-love -`ღ´- to write letters and send postcards - postcrossing is a great chance for people to connect on a small level, bring a smile to someones day and learn about different places, people and cultures.

✿I'd be happy to receive any kind of genuine postcard✿
- I find it so interesting to see what people send!

If you're stuck for what to write on the postcard, I'd love to hear about your country, your life, interests/hobbies!
Please write something...anything! just don't leave it blank - blank cards are sad cards :(

※ Please *don't* send postcards in an envelope (unless your Post Office says you must)
※ Please send genuine postcards only. Sorry, please no folded greetings cards or cut out cards - thank you!

I have a great love of stickers! So if you get a postcard from me, it will most likely have some stickers on it :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this
Best wishes to you and...

✿H a p p y P o s t c r o s s i n g✿ !


Expired Postcards:
RO-69311 sent to jyxzn9077041 on 23/Aug/2013

I try to register my cards as soon as they arrive - - if I haven't registered your card, it most probably means I haven't received it yet - but feel free to drop me a message :)

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