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About Sarah...

Mabuhay! (Hello in my language!) My name is Sarah and I'm a nurse and teacher.

I have just moved to England and I have decided to send interesting postcards from this side of the world. Postcard writing is absolutely a hobby which I will be carrying with me through the years and through countries that I travel.

I am absolutely interested and in-love with learning about other cultures . My hobbies include collecting things all over the world, writing, reading novels, watching movies, shopping, listening to music, and TRAVEL + ADVENTURES!!!

I accept all kinds of post-cards- SURPRISE ME!!! The more creative the better but of course there are themes I highly prefer such as:

*ANGELS : Especially when depicted in art, with special messages.

*Astronomical - Stars, planets, scenes of the night sky from your hometown, The Northern / Southern Lights as seen from your country.

*Military powers - Especially cards of the U.S , British and European Military...Soldiers in their formation, tanks, forts, defense sites, fighter jet planes, symbols of military

*Greetings from (Your Place) Postcards series

*Nature (mountains, flowers, animals, forests...) especially if they are rare and found in your place.

*Maps and Flags of countries and places.

*Birthday postcards in July (seasonal ones too: Christmas, Halloween etc.)

*Your hometown / country and UNESCO sites. - I would like to imagine how it would feel like to be traveling to your place one day and any other place worth traveling to.

*Uniquely shaped postcards (heart, teapot, snowflake etc...)
I really love receiving these kinds and I also love sending unique shaped postcards.

*ART (by famous artists / tribal designs that are native to your place)

*STAR WARS! I love the series and yes I'm an avid Fan! If you have any, I'd truly appreciate it!!!

*** I also like Unique puzzle and game cards as well as rare and limited edition ones. Of course, I'll give a fair-trade for these types of cards.

Special Request : If your country has a post-crossing stamp, please use it.

I am also open to swaps , (postcards, coins , penpal/exchange letters , small items and souvenirs from my country) . If you're also interested, please send me a message and I'll get back to you.

I hope that everyone enjoys the post-crossing project!!

I definitely do and let's make the world a happier, fun , amazing place---one post-card at a time!!!



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