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About Ekaterina...

Hi, my name is Ekaterina, I'm in my late 30s, I live with my husband in a small town not far from Seattle in the USA. I like travelling, photography (check my Instagram:, nature and art. I'm creative and like to make my own postcards, and I would very much enjoy a handcrafted postcard/notecard if it's nicely made. If it's not too much trouble and does not cost you extra, I would prefer to receive the card in an envelope (to protect the card, and also because I collect stamps). Folded cards are also welcome.

Some themes I find interesting:

* Japan (anything related - I've lived in Japan for many years and love its culture): scenery, architecture, anime, arts and crafts, people, events, anything.
* Gotochi cards - I love them. I know they are more expensive, and I'll be sure to send you back a thank you card, please write your address.
* Cards with unusual shape or from unusual materials (wood, fabric, etc)
* Fashion, including historical costumes. Beautiful women wearing beautiful dresses
* Beautiful scenery from around the world - National parks etc.
* Historic architecture - castles, monasteries, fortresses
* Victorian, Medieval, Renaissance eras
* Traditional folk events and celebrations, people in traditional costumes
* Fantasy, fairytales
* Art and illustrations: John Waterhouse and pre-raphaelites, Alfons Mucha and art nouveau, fantasy and sci-fi art
* Painted landscapes and architecture
* Star Wars - I'm a fan of the original series, not so much the newer films.
* Illustrations to J.R.R. Tolkien's works (I like the books, not the movies).

Would love to receive Christmas cards in November-December!

I'm not much interested in funny things and sports.

I also collect used stamps, so if you have some to spare and could put it in the envelope, it would be greatly appreciated.

My favorites are a mix of what I received and what I like from other people's collections.

Thank you!

Мне можно писать по-русски :)

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