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Have a look at my blog collection:
Here's my WISHLIST
- Provincial Metered-stamped card from the Philippines
- Puzzle Card/Gotochi Card
- Wooden Card
- United Nation postmarked card from Nairobi, Kenya
- Meet-up cards
- Maxi Card(any kind)
- Country Mapcard sent from country of origin
- Capital City Multiview Card
preferably showing the name of the city on the card
(ex. Paris for France / Tokyo for Japan)
- US State City Capital card (preferably multi-view)
- Animal cards / single view
(not inside a cage, not in a zoo, no funny shots)
- Disney Movie Card (from Snowhite to Frozen)
- Pixar Movie Card
- Shaped Cards
- Equestrian Statues
- Dog Breed single-view/no funny kind of card
- Atelier Nouvelles Images
- Famous People-royalties,sports,arts,movies,music,politics,etc.
- EGYPTIAN ARCHITECTURE (single-morning view)
These are my missing list:
1. Pyramids - Giza, Khafra, Mykerinos, Zoser
2. Mastaba of Thi
3. Tombs of the King
4. Great Temple of Amon
- AEGEAN-GREEK ARCHITECTURE (single-morning view)
These are my missing list:
6. Megaron
7. Tomb of Agamemnon
- ROMAN ARCHITECTURE (single-morning view)
These are my missing list:
10. Roman Arches - Titus, Trajan, Septinus Severus
11. Pillars of Victory - Antonius Pios Column, Marcus Aurelius,
Rustra column, Trajan Column
12. Circus Maximus / Circus Maxentius
13. Thermae of Caracalla/Thermae of Agripa/Thermae of Titus/Thermae
of Dioletian
- MEDIEVAL ARCHITECTURE (single-morning view)
These are my missing list:
14. Church of the Nativity
15. San Vitale Church of Ravena
16. Little Metropole Cathedral
17. Tomb of Galla Placidia, Ravenna
18. Tomb of Theodoris
19. Beavvais Cathedral
20. York Cathedral
21. Winchester Cathedral
22. Chapel of Henry VII
23. Winsor Castle
24. Hampton Court Palace
26. Cambridge University
27. St. elizabeth in Marburg
28. Sienna cathedral
29. Sto. Croce, Florence
30. Seville Cathedral

- RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE (single-morning view)
These are my missing list
34. Escorial, Spain
36. Palace of Charles V, Granada

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