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About Susan...

I was born in North Wales, moved to the West Coast of Scotland in my teens, studied in Stirling, returned to Wales for a few years and have just started a new life in East Anglia.

I love travelling and finding out more about different countries!

I like most images on postcards, but prefer them to be from country of origin. Here is my Wish List:
Native Birds
Native Dog Breeds
Native Wildlife
National Parks
Nature Reserves
Any Animals
Reflections (on water)
Beautiful landscapes/ seascapes/ cityscapes

USA - I would LOVE to receive bird postcards with these special stamps -

Finland and/ or Estonia - I would LOVE to receive some (all!) of the I Like Birds postcards, as printed by Karto. Examples can be found here:

Please send written and stamped postcards (no envelopes or folded cards). You can write about anything - your life, work, pets, family, favourite film, music or book. I particularly like hearing about encounters with animals/ nature.

I am happy to Direct Swap for my Wish List.