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About Iryna...

Hi! My name is Iryna. I'm 35 years old. I used to live in Ukraine but I moved to New Zealand in May 2022 after the war in Ukraine started. I'm married, my husband stayed in Ukraine, and I'm hoping he will soon be able to join me here in our new home.

If you wanna know something interesting about New Zealand and my life in this beautiful country, then welcome to my YouTube channel!


I am a Bridge Engineer, and also a geotechnical scientist. I work for a New Zealand engineering company and am trying to make my new life here.

My husband and I like to travel, spend time actively, and we like to eat tasty :-)))) I like cooking, making handmade jewelry, and creating interior designs. We have a wonderful dog Mago (cane corso breed). Our amazing white fluffy cat Mi-Mi (16 yo) passed away in Jan 2024. I miss her so much...

I like the postcards with:
- Unusual buildings;
- Space
- Butterflies (not photos, better art, watercolor, etc)
- Unicorns
- Feathers, dandelion
- Candles, decor, interior Design (!);
- Sea, ocean;
- Ships, yachts;
- Reproductions of Aivazovsky;
- Black and white photo;
- Old photo;
- Hand-drawn pictures;
and many others, something unusual

I don't like to get ad-cards, usual cityview souvenir postcards. Please, choose something special for me :)

I always try to choose smth special for people, I spend time writing smth nice, to decorate the postcards. So please, do the same for me. Put your personality in your postcard, write smth nice. Don't choose some random postcard without reading my preferences. I don't like to feel like a person who receives a postcard that you try to get rid of actually.

Please write something in your language (with translation), something about yourself ))))

I also like to receive and read letters, and if you send a card in an envelope, I would like to get even a small letter on pretty paper. Write anything, it would be very nice :-)

Also, I'm a big fan of stickers! I like to decor my postcards with them, and would like you to do smth like that as well on my postcard :) Or you can send me some stickers you might have in the envelope!)

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