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About Nicole...

Hi! 🌺

I’m Nicole and I‘m 32 years old. I have a dog, Semm and two cats, Joep & Frits. I ♥ to travel, especially to Germany, a country that feels like home to me. I've visited the areas Sauerland, Mosel, Eifel and Rheinland-Pfalz. Postcrossing for me is taking a vacation without leaving home!

I ♥ watching German Crime Series, The Golden Girls, Doris Day movies, Stranger Things, Friends and Ghost Adventures. My favorite hobbies are reading, my model railway, listening to music (I'm a big fan of Rammstein) and going to the Zoo (my favorite animal; the elephant). I am also an avid The Sims player and a Harry Potter fan (Hufflepuff!)

Cards I like;
💕💕 Tourist cards (From the country you live in)
🏰 Castles, Palaces & Forts
🗺 Map Cards (Country, State, City or Region)
🏞 Landscapes
💛 Churches & Cathedrals
💜 Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
🏙 City views
👑 British Royal Family
👑 Swedish Royal Family
👑 Danish Royal Family
⚓️ Lighthouses
🐶 Dogs, especially Golden Retrievers
🐱 Cats
🐅 Lions and Tigers (please NO cards where they’re being abused for tourism/circus)
🐘 Elephants (please NO cards where they’re being abused for tourism/circus)
🐻 Bears (please NO cards where they’re being abused by dancing/tourism/circus)
🦆 Birds, Penguins
🦉 Birds of the Himalayas (This set https://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/IN-267177)
🐈 Jetoy Choo-Choo Cats
🐈 Kotovasiya Cats
🐈 Anna Hollerer Cats
🐈 Irina Garmashova Cats
🐈 Irina Zeniuk Blue Cats
🐈 Cat Breeds by Marianna Sztyma (from Postallove)
👵🏼 Inge Löök (The Old Ladies)
🎬 Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day
💜 Moomins
💜 Gotochi
🇩🇪 If you’re from Germany, next to the above, I ♥ Chronik Karten
🇧🇾 If you’re from Belarus, next to the above, I ♥ the 'Fauna of Belarus'
🇺🇸 USA Postcrossers, I also ♥ the 'Greetings From....' cards very much [ http://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2013/03/12/greetings-from ]
👻 If by any chance you have a card that shows a location/area of the Ghost Adventures TV Show (and I know it's a long shot), but that would be amazing!! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ghost_Adventures_episodes)

The favorites on my wall also give a good idea of what I like 😊 But these are just wishes, nothing more 😊

There are however a few cards I'd rather not receive:
Ad cards, Selfmade/Cut out Foodboxes, Self Printed, Sports, Erotic/Nude, Touchnote or other send via the Internet cards.

I prefer written and stamped postcards, so NO envelope or folded cards please 😊

📝 Don't know what to write?
⭐️ I ♥ it when you could write what date and temperature it is
⭐️ Write anything you want, but please don’t just write Happy Postcrossing or the Postcard ID. Maybe something about yourself, your pets (if you have them) or what’s on the card
If you place my cards on any (social) media, please could you make sure none of my information is visible. If it is possible to scan the front of the card only that would be great.

Best Wishes,

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