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About Issi...

Hello there world!
Unfortunately, Issi has passed away to another world on 21st May 2019 after a prolonged illness.
She so loved postcard swap!

My hometown is a lovely little village called Shepperton, just a hop on the train away from the Royal Town of Windsor,

It is a lovely part of the world, right on the River Thames, enjoy having picnics with my friend by the river or exploring the seaside towns to find the perfect picnic spot to sit and enjoy the view and a nice cup of tea too of course!

Joining postcrossing has allowed me to travel the world through postcards, the world has always been a fascinating place to me, its wonderful learning about different countries and their wonderfully unique cultures and traditions...
Every postcard is like a window into a new part of the world..:)
So If you could be so kind to write something about what its like to live in your country, your traditions, wildlife, weather, national foods, traditional crafts or festivals or just an interesting fact, or story from your local area...
Thank you, would be ever so grateful, it would mean a lot to me, Its lovely to hear about the place/person behind the postcard...

Creating things is a joy, really enjoy creating things that make other people smile....One of my main hobbies was illustration, and my dream is to illustrate childrens books one day, though my hands now are not able to draw, instead enjoy creating art through digital collage..
But I also listening to audio books about travel, or Harry Potter! collecting stamps/tickets from around the world and drinking tea, and exploring different teas from around the world

Any card you send will be a joy to recieve, and see in the letterbox 📮
However it would make my day very special, and I really would be over the moon to receive;

~Postal service (postbox from your country etc)
~Unesco world heritage sites
~Harry Potter
~Map cards- pictorial or illustrated maps, train maps (metro, subway etc)
~View of where you live (photo or drawing/illustration)
~Traditions, national dress or customs and festivals from your country
~Famous landmarks, buildings or scenery from your country
~"Greetings from"cards
~Famous natural landscape/feauture from your country

....Or any card of Tea, teddy bears, hedgehogs, meerkats,

I collect 'air mail' stickers from different countries, if you happen to have one you could stick on the postcard, you would really make my day wonderful,

*friends from Czech republic, prosím it would make me so happy to recieve a Krtek card motz Děkuji (I am half Czech and he is my favourite character :)

*Japanese friends, 下さい Id love to receive a Shinkansen card ありがとう :)

If you could please write the date, weather when you wrote the postcard
And even a word phrase from your language translated into english would be very grateful,

(If you would like to receive a card from England or swap stamps/tickets please don't hesitate to send me a message, would very happy to!)

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